Weddings, Engagements and Katb Ketab

Whether you prefer simplicity or extravagance for your special night, we can make it happen! Ruya offers you a large selection of venues and services to choose from to ensure that your dream wedding comes true. Whatever it is that your require – no matter how small or big, simple or elaborate, it is our job to help make your wedding day happen exactly the way you want it.

Our ultimate aim is to ensure that your wedding day will be one of the greatest and most memorable occasions of your life, and this celebration should be perfectly planned and beautifully decorated.

Our services include:

- Venue rental
- Wedding planning services
- Entertainment
- Catering - Seating and banqueting
- Decoration
- Photography and Videography
- Sound and light equipment and management
- Kitchen services
- And more..

For information and reservations please call 01065333370