The Concept

Whilst recreation business is usually limited to entertainment and leisure, we believe that the recreation concept has a broader scope, as it influences the shaping of the living patterns of all members in the society. We also believe that it would result in deeper impacts if the development was immersed in engaging activities. Consequently, we have chosen the recreation field as it represents a fertile ground to improve the lifestyle of the society.

Who we are

We appreciate the SIMPLE PLEASURES of LIFE and aim to show people how to appreciate them. Our goal is to cater to the recreational needs of the community. We believe in diversity; and that each and every member of the community has the right to enjoy his time in his own favorite chosen way. We have faith that the selection of the right balance of activities mix is worth every effort. We believe that we have to strive to offer personalised and dedicated services, customised amenities, outstanding leisure platforms and an array of activities, the like of which has never been seen before under one roof in Egypt.