The Academy

At Ruya Tennis academy, we believe that a good foundation provides the building blocks for success. We want our young athletes to love the sport while we teach them the values of passion, hard work and dedication. We seek to instill good sports ethics while still maintaining the fun, playful environment that should accompany every sport. Our programs cover all areas needed for a young player to reach his full potential. Beside learning the technical, physical and proper biomechanical motor skills, they will also acquire the self-confidence and self- assurance that will take them a long way into being successful athletes.

For schedules and registration, please call 01006500266

Free Training

We designed a different program for free training or even simply practicing the sport. Now you can book a Tennis court, rackets and balls, with a trainer to improve your skills or simply to enjoy a few rounds of your favorite game with friends. At Ruya, you can make use of 6 world class clay courts. Our skilled trainers are there to ensure all your requirements are met day in and day out.

To book a class or a court, please call 01006500266