Ruya Club is spread over 35 acres of green landscape in the heart of 6th of October City, Sheikh Zayed Area.

It's been conceptualised and specially designed to foster relaxation and recreation experience, where you can get everything from state-of-the-art sports venues and events, to top of the line sports academies, providing a platform for youth development, recreational activities, residential and commercial developments, together with all the related amenities expected in a purpose-built club, including community centres and entertainment venues.


The serene atmosphere, unique context and the warm professional hospitality are all the factors leading to the great popularity Ruya Club has gained over the past 10 years.

Sports & Fitness
Are the corner stone of a healthy productive community. All sports are available, from racket sports to horseback riding. Everyone can practice his sport freely, men & women, young & elderly.

Refreshing Family Ties
At Ruya Club, all family members find social interaction, recreation and healthy lifestyle catering for their needs.

Developing Children Activities
At Ruya Club, youth and children are moving, interacting, learning and most of all having fun. You can relax while your children are in good hands.

Organizing Events
Since 2004, Ruya Club has developed great experience in organizing events. Weddings, open days, annual gatherings, farewell & graduation nparties, birthdays and charity days.