Ruya Club with its lifestyle, extensive facilities and innovative programs, lets you live your life to its fullest. Catering for members of all ages, Ruya Club is specially designed to foster relaxation and recreation experience.

About Ruya Club

Ruya Club is your home away from home. In tune with your changing needs,

we strive to provide you and your family with comfort, peace of mind and unparalleled services.

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Refreshing Family Ties

At Ruya Club, all family members find social interaction, recreation and healthy lifestyle catering for their needs.

Developing Children Activities

At Ruya Club, youth and children are moving, interacting, learning and most of all having fun. You can relax while your children are in good hands.

Organizing Events

Since 2004, Ruya Club has developed great experience in organizing events. Weddings, open days, annual gatherings, farewell & graduation nparties, birthdays and charity days.

The serene atmosphere, unique context and the warm professional hospitality

are all the factors leading to the great popularity Ruya Club has gained over the past 10 years.

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